Miso making rally for charity

You might have heard that Japan's southern most mainland Kyushu has suffered a major earthquake recently. Kumamoto prefecture has been hard hit, they had over 500 tremors before and after the main earthquakes. So many people have lost their homes and their pets have gone missing. 

So I have decided to hold a MISO MAKING RALLY to raise money for charity. Every hour I have up to 4 participants who will make their miso to take home under my tender loving guidance. I started making miso a couple of years ago and I am totally hooked. My small basement is the home of 5 different miso, ranging between 6 months and 2 years old, sharing the space with my laundries and dehumidifier. I am so lucky that the prestigious sake brewery Akashi-tai has kindly offered to donate their koji for this, so the miso will taste absolutely amazing!


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