I am a Japanese culinary instructor, chef, presenter, writer and photographer based in London. 

My enthusiasm for gastronomy originated early in my childhood in Sapporo, where enjoying the spoils of wild vegetable foraging and sea fishing were regular family activities. This drove my understanding regarding the importance of the freshest, highest quality ingredients together with exquisite taste pairings in Japanese food. I came to UK to work in London’s popular Japanese restaurant Hiroko where I learned the art of sushi making from the sushi chefs. Gradually further honing my skills in Japanese and European cookery, I was hired 4 years later as Tina Turner’s private chef when Ms Turner moved her base to the capital.
It was a big turning point in my life.



Sadly, Ms Turner’s management moved her filming schedule to USA so she no longer required UK based staff, but I was touched when she tried to honour the annual contract for virtually a very little work. It didn’t seem right and it was time for me to move on. I found a very conservative office job in the city of London where I still work. I have travelled extensively to many countries to pursuit my interests in photography to Africa, Latin America, India and even to the farthest north in Arctic Spitsbergen, Norway, to see polar bears. It was a natural progression for me to start writing travel articles for newspapers and magazines who were happy to use my images. My love for wildlife convinced me to study biology and environmental science, I was eventually awarded a science degree in a distant leaning course after 7 years.


Then an opportunity arose to publish my first book ‘London Repeaters’ Guide’ in Japan with two good friends. The book introduces many secret places in London the tourists have no idea that existed. Cath Kidston allowed us to use one of their popular prints for the book cover, I enjoyed every minutes of researching, photographing and writing the book.  I  published and co-published 4 more books in Japan.


In 2013, my friend told me that he is starting the first Japanese cookery school in London and he wanted me to be involved. I was secretly hoping for a big change in my life, and the Japanese food has always been my passion. It was a voice of an angel, I jumped at the opportunity. In order to blush up my skills, I attended a Japanese cuisine course in Tsuji Culinary Academy in Osaka, Japan, the most prestigious Japanese culinary school, for a year. I thrived with joy and our cooking school soon started to attract media attentions. My class ‘Dinner Party Sushi’ was featured in TIME OUT with raving review. BBC Good Food and Telegraph soon followed, and before I knew it I was invited to teach sushi making on C4’s popular cooking programme SUNDAY BRUNCH.


I am now back in my cooking roots, teaching Japanese cookery in SOZAI COOKING SCHOOL and cooking at MEGUMI’s, a new Japanese supper club in Notting Hill Gate. My work also includes developing recipes and promotes Japanese food and drink culture. 


I have worked with Embassy of Japan in London, Japan’s regional government of Hokkaido at Milano Expo 2015 and Japan External Trade Organisation for public speaking and demonstration promoting Japanese cuisine to the media and public.  I am a certified Miso Sommelier by the Japan's Miso association in Tokyo, and I have an internationally recognized professional sake qualification WSET Level 3 Sake Award. A member of the Japanese Culinary Academy UK.



1985 年からロンドン在住。ロンドンの SOZAI Cooking School で和食料理講師を務め英国人に和食 を伝達中。和食・郷土料理を振る舞うおうちレストラン「和食サパークラブ MEGUMI’S」でもシェフとして活躍。 和食がユネスコ無形文化遺産に登録されたことを記念に 2014 年に在英日本大使館で開催されたメディア向けイベン トでスピーカを務め、同年農林水産省協賛による大使館イベントで和食デモンストレーションを担当、乾燥山椒、みょ うが、麴などヨーロッパで入手可能な和食材を紹介。2015 年ミラノ国際博覧会「北海道の日」ステージイベントにお いて手毬寿司などを作る調理パフォーマンスを行う。201610 月、「パリ・ロンドン視察事業の報告会とロンドン 食品事情に関する勉強会」(主催ジェトロ北海道、北海道 EU 協会共催)で講師を務める。日英のメディアに寄稿する ライター・フォトグラファーでもあり食以外にも「英国男子制服コレクション(新紀元社)」「2度目からのロンドンガイド(河出 書房)」など英国文化を紹介する共著多々あり。味噌ソムリエ、WSET 日本酒レベル 3 資格、英国日本料理アカデミー会員。