How to make SASHIMI

The animation artist Mami Kajiho and Akemi collaborated to make this cute video! Have a look and learn how to make sashimi.

Telegraph Food

Who's in the mood for sushi this evening? Sozai Cooking School shows us how to make some delicious rolls.

Posted by Telegraph Food on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

C4 Sunday Brunch

Akemi appeared on C4's popular programme SUNDAY BRUNCH and taught the presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer HOW TO MAKE SUSHI ROLL! Sunday Brunch is broadcast live on Channel 4 on Sunday mornings, that features cookery and interviews with celebrity guests. Nerve-racking on live TV with very little briefing just 30 minutes before they went on-air, but Tim and Simon were very enthusiastic made a perfect roll of sushi! Worth noting that Akemi was quite pleased to meet Blue's Duncan James! 

Please note that due to C4's broadcasting restrictions the video is only available to view outside the UK.


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