Grape Pickers' Reunion with the Wine Maker

at SO Restaurant

In October 2010, 26 migratory workers visited Nierstein, Germany, to assist Hideki Asano and his master Walter Strub for their grape harvest. 6 months later, Hideki brought the wine made from the grapes we picked to London and we were reunited! Friends joined the pickers to taste the new produce as well as Hideki’s yet-to-be-labelled raw wine. A famous panettone maker in Milan kindly donated large quantities of their products for charity, many thanks to Marie. They were freshly made and flew in from Milan just for the event. Delicious chesnuts panettone, huge marron grasses, fruits jelly coated with chocolates were all sold at cost during the event, and more money were raised by raffle which offered attractive prizes including 1967 Chateau Mouton Rothschild! Thank you Chef Yamamoto SO Restaurant for yet another wonderful selection of tasty inovetive food.